Jeffrey On… Bedrooms, Tea and Newspaper Articles

From Jeffrey’s bedroom….



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5 responses to “Jeffrey On… Bedrooms, Tea and Newspaper Articles

  1. I am crackers for tea; i drink pots of it every day.
    Do tell about what sort of tea you consume! Looseleaf? green/black? Have you a favorite? I hope no rubbish !

  2. Neil Mudde

    Hi Jeffrey:
    Got up this am, feeling pretty blah, went out for a wee hike, too damn cold returned after 1/2 hour, saw a note about your Bedrooms etc,via Goodreads, got me a java and sat down to watch. You are a terrific entertainer then watched the video with your Father, sweet memories, then another one about Christmas, I really think you ought to go into the entertainment business as well as write novels. I wonder about editing in the bed-room, are you not easily tempted to simply crawl back into bed a few times a day? a great way to procrastinate….all kidding aside, take good care and try to enjoy the cruise!

    • Thanks, Neil! It is true that I have at times simply put the book aside and went for a nap 🙂

      You are right! It is too cold out there. Looking forward to getting down to the sun soon!

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