Jeffrey on… a new hard drive, Fitbit and kicking Multiple Myeloma awareness

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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6 responses to “Jeffrey on… a new hard drive, Fitbit and kicking Multiple Myeloma awareness

  1. Great hearing from you! A hard-drive crash is cause to panic; save, save, save is the mantra that bears remembering. Having learned the computer back in the mid-70’s, we were constantly told to back-things-up, and with good reason since it was all relatively new and crashes were almost daily. Good to hear that your new book is progressing; looking forward to its publication!! Take good care and take your own shampoo! Cheers from here!

  2. I always enjoy these.
    I too shuddered when you started talking abut the hard drive, and was relieved you are sensibly backing things up.
    Again I am amazed at the notion of you going to your HS – this sort of thing would not ever occurred here in the States. It is enviable.
    Have fun on your tours!

    • I think GSAs are becoming more prevalent in the States. It’s called Day of Difference. Looking forward to it 🙂

      They asked for some old photos to show during my 30-miniute talk so sending them this doozy:

  3. I received a Fitbit as a birthday gift December. I believe it is the same model as yours. I can’t get out of the habit of calling it “Timbit”. Hopefully that is ironic.

    Wearing it modifies my behavior in a number of ways which is good. One took me a while to discover so I thought I’d pass it along in case you had the same issue. I wear it on my dominant (right) hand. I noticed that when I applauded it would register the claps as steps. Apparently, when I clapped, it was my habit to strike my, relatively stationary, right hand with my, relatively more active, left hand. I’ve learned that when I reverse that and keep the left hand more stationary and strike it with my right hand the Timbit does not count the claps as steps.

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