Jeffrey on… his first live Periscope


Jeffrey’s first try at Periscope.

Oh, great, WordPress changed their editor again. Sheesh! Here I am trying my first live Periscope.

It was fun. Not sure how successful it was. 🙂

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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4 responses to “Jeffrey on… his first live Periscope

  1. I have never heard of periscope until now
    If I were you all I would keep Black Friday out like Ebola
    Happy 50th to the hubby!

    • They used Periscope to send live video out during the Paris attacks. It’s pretty good and since a copy of the video is held in my camera roll I can upload it to Youtube. Will probably use it when I can really control my surroundings for a vlog or if i’m just sending out something live I’m watching in the real world.

  2. Oh go ahead. Embrace it all. Spontaneity is your middle name. As they say….use it or……something something??

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