Jeffrey on… Hair and Tahitian Holidays

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.43.23 PM

Jeffrey chats about cutting his hair and his upcoming trip to Tahiti.

My Tahiti holiday is getting close!

The next vlog will be from either Palm Springs or the Tahitian Islands themselves. I am going to try and do a live Periscope is I can find some wi-fi whist on the islands!

Anyone been to Tahiti?

Tell me about it!







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5 responses to “Jeffrey on… Hair and Tahitian Holidays

  1. Oh gimme a head with hair…..ok, until April, that’s the official shearing month…for me. It’s a spring thing. Here’s wishing you and hubby a grand trip, I envy you that! One day, one day, I’ll hit the skies! Cheers from here!

  2. My brother and SIL spent their honeymoon there. I will ask them for any tips and pass them on to you.

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