Welcome to The Gay Groom!

And who am I?

Well your humble blogger is a 44 year old gay Canadian man living the life of a struggling writer and gadabout in beautiful downtown Toronto, Canada.

My debut novel is Shirts and Skins.

(click here for more info on my critically acclaimed novel, Shirts and Skins).

I began the Gay Groom blog in 2009 when, after a decade of living happily without benefit of papers with ‘the Partner’ (an uptight Toronto lawyer and yin to my yang – or Felix to my Oscar) we decided to take the ultimate relationship plunge.

That’s right, we got married!

And during the weeks and months leading up to our big day,  I wrote The Gay Groom blog, detailing all my big fat gay wedding craziness.   I walked you through buying suits, cake tasting, choosing wedding bands, the music…

The whole kit and kaboodle, as my mother used to say.

But since the real story begins after the rice is tossed and the license signed, The Gay Groom has morphed from the makings of a wedding (all the wedding posts are still available under the “Archives” tab or click here: Wedding Archives) into the musing of an old (not too old) married gay man strolling through life.

More at jeffreyluscombe.com



9 responses to “About

  1. Congratulations, Jeffrey. Randy and I were married in Montreal and we’ve just celebrated our 20th anniversary together. Viva Canada! Please feel free to use our Web site to find resources, support, whatever. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. Ah, you look great. Congratulations.

  3. Landed at your blog while I was searching for a gay novel that I saw few days ago at the book store (forgot the name) and I was not able to buy it then as I was accompanied by a colleague. And now not able to remember which section I saw the book, as we don’t have a separate section for Queer books in India. Now, thats the prologue how I found your blog.

    When I saw the banner of your blog, I was so thrilled as I am making myself ready for the big fat gay wedding. Haven’t found the groom yet, hoping to find the right one soon…Went through your wedding photos in the blog, you two make a lovely couple 😀

  4. Hi Jeffrey,
    So many hundreds of decent, caring and smart men in this city would be delighted to walk on your shoes! Finding a stable partner is a hard struggle for most these days, gay or straight! That’s why a group of friends and I, who are all happily shacked-up decided to help others connect with like-minded Toronto gay singles and launched our website this month! It is called TorontoGaySingles.com Hope you and your followers like it!

    Dan St Pierre

  5. Petrus

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I am very happy to have sometime to chat with you, and I went through your your blog and wedding photos, it was beautiful and both of you are so much in love and both of you make a perfect couple, it make me think about my wedding too.


  6. alouette87

    How nice. 🙂 I hope that someday in Poland I can also get married with my beloved. 🙂 I enjoy your blog much. 🙂

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