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The Cerulean Screen of Death

Your humble blogger has been humbled even more.

Sadly, his old Dell Inspiron 6400(a gift from the Husband back in 2006 when yours truly finished his MA) dropped dead on me.

I got the ‘blue sceen of death’.

Now I had heard about the blue screen of death but had never actually seen it until yesterday.  Which may seem as as I have been using computers for quite some time (regular readers will remember that The Gay Groom was once a computer consultant). Though I would have preferred if our introduction could have been postponed even longer.

What a drag.

So now I’ll have to take it in to be doctored.  Which doesn’t really intrigue me since the hard drive is full of downloaded videos from Falcon Studios.  No, not really… well maybe a few.

Actually, “Unmountable Boot Volume” sounds like one of their titles.

But I digress.

So I’m currently unable to get to the book I have been editing.  To do my editing I’m required to use the Husband’s old (really old.. like from 1999) desktop that keeps telling me I’m using up too much memory.

It appears (as told to me by my Twitter pals) that I need to use the CD with the operating system to boot the computer and then do a chckdsk or something like that.  Sounds simple enough.  But who keeps their operating system CDs from five years ago?  Not me, apparently.

When did I become such a techophebe?

Hopefully I’ll be back up and running soon.  But there is not real rush as your humble blogger’s presence has been requested this Monday at the criminal court house for – good lord – jury duty.  So I may be busy for a few weeks.

When it rains…

Jeffrey, The Gay Groom



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